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Garnish Marketing helps you focus on what matters most:
your food and customers

Beautiful Customer-Focused Websites

Flash animations. Musical interludes. With increasing use of mobile devices, many of these website design strategies are frustrating to your customers. Garnish Marketing can create a beautiful, functional website that showcases your restaurant's food without sacrificing functionality. We make it easy for you to edit the content in the future, giving you full control of your content and design.

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    Many restaurateurs are hesitant to hire a new web developer or designer because of past negative experiences, which may include getting nickel and dimed for content rights. Who better to help you understand what to expect from a positive client/developer relationship than a web developer with tons of experience in the business? Today, we’re honored …
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Social Media Outreach and Promotion

Social media marketing is a tool that can help educate your customers about your food, reach new customers, and keep diners coming back for more. Garnish can create a customized social media strategy, or help you manage your social media presence on an on-going basis.

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Search Engine Visibility

When they’re ready to eat, your customers use Google, Bing, and Yahoo! to decide where to go. Good SEO practices use a combination of keyword optimization, rich content, and an organized site structure to rank higher for valuable key terms. Garnish has the expertise to help you rank higher in Google, Bing, and Yahoo! to increase visibility and attract more diners.

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