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About Garnish Marketing

Why Market Your Restaurant Online?

Whether you own a restaurant, catering service, or eatery, having the right website design is an essential part of attracting new customers. But beyond a website with a menu and list of daily specials, restaurant owners need to consider search engine rankings, review sites, and social media. Your restaurant can't afford to be invisible online.

restaurant marketing statistics About Garnish Marketing

Restaurant Marketing Consulting

Garnish Marketing has the expertise to help customers find you online and share their experiences with their social networks to help spread the word. That means more customers, less hassle, and more time to focus on operating your restaurant.

Danika Atkins
Owner (518) 227-0790

My name is Danika Atkins and I love local food. I started Garnish Marketing to serve a community near and dear to my heart - local restaurateurs who serve the community every day with delicious food and excellent service. As an experienced internet marketer, I've worked with small, local brands to large, national chains. The excitement of working for large brands could never override my passion for helping small local businesses, and so I founded Garnish Marketing in August 2012 to serve my favorite community: local restaurants and eateries.   I apply my background in sales, online marketing, and event planning to help create a custom marketing strategy for your business. Combining my knowledge of local search engine optimization (SEO), reputation management, and social media management with my enthusiasm for local restaurants and food, my goal is simple: to help your restaurant succeed.   Let's get started!

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